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How to Order

After adding the product to "My Chart", please take a photo of the order then send it to the following Whatsapp number

Bank Transfer

Image by Mirza Babic

Total Payment can transfer to

  • No. Account (Yucho) : 10280 - 14134061 (Fellow Yucho)

  • Branch : 028

  • No. Account : 1413406 (From Bank other than Yucho)

  • Name : Fariz Zulkarnaen (ファリズ ズルかルナエン)


After the order is confirmed, we will send a payment notification via Paypay/Paypal.

Image by Tech Daily

Cash on Delivery

Image by RoseBox رز باکس

Please contact the Admin, and convey delivery using COD.

Selecting COD will incur an additional COD service fee of 500 yen.

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